Rice, Rice, Baby

Want to learn how to cook but don’t know where to start? Cooking with rice is a great way to learn how to work with basic ingredients. The first episode of AspieTV (the first cooking show with an entirely autistic production cast and crew) teaches you some simple recipes to start. Watch their first videoContinue reading “Rice, Rice, Baby”

How to submit your chicken for a feature on our pages

We want to reward our students who go out to their way to grow food and raise livestock humanely and sustainably. Because our theme is eggs, we’ve decided to start by sharing photos of chickens you all have raised on our Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter pages. If you would like your chicken featured in oneContinue reading “How to submit your chicken for a feature on our pages”

How to mentor someone on Facebook

Let’s Crack an Egg, like many other Facebook groups, offers users the option to mentor other users or find someone to mentor them. You can apply to become a part of their program in less than five minutes. You can find the link to the Mentorship page for your group in the header of theContinue reading “How to mentor someone on Facebook”

In a time of plague, the best way to protect yourself is to be self-sufficient.

As we begin an unprecedented era of loneliness, we must accept that it is the time to become self-sufficient. We cannot rely on the network of retail and service professionals that we once took for granted. It was unfair for us to always expect them to be there for us. Learning to cook can beContinue reading “In a time of plague, the best way to protect yourself is to be self-sufficient.”