How to mentor someone on Facebook

Let’s Crack an Egg, like many other Facebook groups, offers users the option to mentor other users or find someone to mentor them. You can apply to become a part of their program in less than five minutes.

The Mentorship link will appear under the title header for the group.

You can find the link to the Mentorship page for your group in the header of the group’s page. Some groups may not have a Mentorship program, and if they don’t, that link won’t be present.

For those who are looking for a mentor:

If you’re looking to become a mentee, you can find your mentor from a list of users who have already volunteered. There will be an option to start a conversation with one of those users.

Mentors will use tags to help potential mentees know what skills they bring to the table.

After you click “Start Conversation,” Facebook will generate a short message to send to your potential mentor via Facebook Messenger. You can add additional information to your request. Remember to always be friendly and polite.

If they accept your mentorship request, you’ll continue communicating via Messenger.

If you would like to become a mentor:

If you would like to post a listing so that other people can apply to become mentored by you, you can do so from the same page you use to find a mentor.

When you click “Become a Mentor,” Facebook will take you to the following form.

Make sure that you remember to check a topic that’s relevant to your skill set, and consider adding a topic if one isn’t relevant to you.

Don’t worry so much about writing something long here – you only have 500 characters. Here’s some ideas about what to write here for members who are applying for our cooking group.

  • Your special interests.
    • What kind of technique do you prefer? For example, do you prefer baking or grilling?
    • What’s your favorite type of cultural cuisine?
  • Your prior experience.
    • Did you work in a place that serves food?
    • Did you spend a lot of time cooking cultural food with friends and family?
  • What you’re looking for in a mentor.
    • Do you want to teach someone how to cook a particular type of food?
    • Would you like to meet up with your mentor locally, or only teach people online?
    • What would you like to learn from your mentor?

Let us know if you have any further questions in the comments, and thank you for volunteering your time to help your community.

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